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Accounting Help Resources & Accounting Tips

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Links To Accounting Help Resources
Accounting Software Tips

Accounting Links Galore

The Software Manufacturer Directories of Accounting Links Galore are divided into sections to make finding what you're looking for as easy as possible. Main categories include Accounting Software, Foreign Language Accounting Software, Contact Management Software, Point of Sale Software and Time Tracking Software. The various directories can be accessed by clicking on the bottons immediately below.

Accounting Software Directory (A-L) Accounting Software Directory (M-Z)
Foreign Language Accounting Software Directory Sale Contact Management Software Directory
Point of Sale Software Directory Time Tracking Software Directory
Website Translation Services Foreign Language Search Engines
Flags of the World (A-L) Flags of the World (M-Z)

The Software Manufacturer Directories include the manufacturer's name, software titles, platforms supported, price range, web site links and telephone numbers. A brief description of the company's software products is also included. Please note that Software Manufacturers almost always offer technical support for their own products on their respective web sites. Their sites frequently provide excellent business help or have excellent links to other sources for business help. We will mention when a software site includes help or access to resources that are of general interest to businesses of all kinds.

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Sources For Accounting & Business Help

The Sources For Help section of Accounting Links Galore includes the name of the company, publication or service, links to each site and a brief description of the site and the help you can expect to find.

Accounting Resources Center
Web Page
An extensive directory of worldwide accounting related websites including accounting societies, CPAs, FASAB sites, software manufacturers and tax management sites. This outstanding resource is provided by Search-Beat, The One-Stop Web Directory.
Ayer Company Publishers
Web Page
A huge database of 12,000 publications in 150 categories. Includes Accounting, Finance, Foreign Business, Management & Marketing. This is an excellent resource if you are looking for business and accounting reference books of any kind.
Web Page
Bizchance is a Free business opportunity, website development, business services, software, etc. link site. This is a good place to find sites that provide free products and services of all kinds.
Business Start Page
Web Page
This business gateway site features business news, a virtual desk, business tips, an advertising depot, a financial resources desk, an interesting joint venture resource page, an excellent business reference library and loads of links to business related resources.
Data Efficient Systems
Web Page
An outstanding POS site from a POS Consultant in Canada. This site offers excellent advice and tips on cash controls, what to look for in POS systems and traps to avoid. I truly wish I had all of the outstanding POS information that you can find here on my own site!
Directory of Computer Consultants & Developers
Web Page
An excellent resource for locating computer consultants, database developers and software developers for every imaginable operating platform and programming language.
Web Page
An excellent resource for locating Business, Financial, Human Resources, Insurance, Operations and Technology stuff needed by every business. Includes interesting business articles and Hoover's Online business search.
Entrepreneur & Small Business Web Resources
Web Page
Features over 100 links to business resources including sites for franchise directories, home businesses, how to pages, state & regional associations & much more. Another Excellent Resource!
Entrepreneur Magazine Online
Web Page
Entrepreneur Magazine's Small Business Square provides good coverage of Franchises, Government, Marketing & Technology. My favorites are the Marketing articles which offer loads of useful tips.
Harcourt Brace
Professional Publishing
Web Page
Harcourt Brace features Accounting News and the prestigious Weekly Top Five Accounting Site Awards. Their archive of previous winners provides links to a treasure house of top notch accounting sites.
Idea Cafe: The Small Business Channel
Web Page
The Idea Cafe is an incredible resource for accounting, business resources, marketing strategies, etc. Features weekly contests and frequently updated pages.
MCS Business Association
Web Page
An extensive database of financial resources including reference materials, financial calculators, professional contacts, government links, business & finance education links, the MCS Job Bank and more!
Web Page
Pro2Net features pages for Accounting News, CPA Links, CPA Forums and a huge classified database of accounting related sites. Pro2Net also features major sections for financial services, human resources, insurance and law. A Great Resource!
Web Page
Recink is a Free categorized reciprocal links directory with more than a dozen categories like Business, Computers, Sports and Travel. Find suitable and/or complementary sites that are willing to exchange reciprocal links with your own site.
RGE Consulting
Web Page
An Accounting and I.T. Professionals placement firm that covers Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas. The site includes nice resume writing tips, interviewing tips and links to accounting and I.T. professsional resources.
Web Page
A huge database of Accounting Resources On the Internet covering over 20 topics such as CPA's, Government, International, Publishers & Software. Links are provided for each resource.
Pro2Net Link Small Business Square Link Top 5 Accounting Sites Link
All software brandnames, logos & products and publication names and logos
mentioned or displayed are either trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective
manufacturers and/or publishers and should be treated as such.

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Accounting Software Tips

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Year-End Adjusting Journal Entries

Somewhere between the end of January and the middle of April, the typical business will get a ream of year-end adjusting journal entries from their CPA or tax professional. This frequently leads to data entry problems, because your accounting clerk may not know how to make these entries and your CPA may not be familiar enough with your software to provide any guidance. The following tips should help you through the process:
Type AccountIncreaseDecrease
  • Special care must be taken in making year-end adjusting entries, if you have already closed out the previous year in your system. All revenue and expense adjusting entries including Amortization, Depreciation, Interest Income, Interest Expenses and Miscellaneous Income or Expense entries will have to be entered into your Balance Sheet using one Equity account. This account will usually be Owner's Draw for sole proprietors, Partner's Draw for partnerships or Retained Earnings for corporations. If you have to take this approach, we recommend using the proper account name for each entry in your descriptions, so that you can tie back to your Accountant's year-end adjustments worksheet.
  • Once you have made all your adjusting entries and printed out your final year-end reports, you should be ready to close out the year in your accounting system. This will usually require printing out your final year-end journals, posting your final entries and printing out your year-end financial statement. Don't forget to print out a copy of the final year-end adjustments that you just finished making.
  • It is important to make a PERMANENT Backup of your data before closing out the year. This backup provides the only access to the year you are closing, if a mistake has been made and additional entries are required. If you really get stuck, we offer telephone support help for making year-end adjustment entries. The first 5 minutes are always FREE and our rates are $6 for each 5 minutes thereafter.
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