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DacEasy Accounting Software
Features & Prices

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DacEasy Software Products Overview

DacEasy's Windows Products are entry to mid-level accounting software products. DacEasy's Windows products are well featured and will perform suitably for most small to medium sized contractors, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and service organizations. DacEasy's Job Manager module has been discontinued. DacEasy's Order Entry program is ideal for companies that issue quotations or that want to convert sales orders into invoices. DacEasy's POS program works well for most small to medium sized retailers. DacEasy's POS does not support same item size and color matrixes.

Even though DacEasy added multiple warehouse capabilities to Version 10, we feel the implementation is overly cumbersome. We do not recommend DacEasy for companies that have multiple warehouses and that need to track the inventory in each warehouse separately. With some effort DacEasy can be used for Work In Process accounting favored by manufacturers, but DacEasy is not specifically designed for this type of accounting.

DacEasy's Payroll progam is one of the best and most flexible payroll products available and can be used successfully even by larger organizations. DacEasy's Payroll program is one of the few that will allow you to reverse post and re-enter an incorrectly entered and posted payroll. DacEasy's DOS Version 9 has been discontinued as an available program. DacEasy's Versions 12 and 13 include many new features to take full advantage of Win95/Win98 multi-tasking capabilities.

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DacEasy Software Product Specifications

DacEasy The following DacEasy product specifications are not intended to be complete feature listings. Instead, the listings are only intended to provide a general overview of the features available in various DacEasy software modules. If you need additional information such as field and file capacities, standard report names, report generator capacities or complete feature listings, please contact us to obtain a FREE comprehensive DacEasy product specification brochure.

DacEasy Accounting Version 13

27 Predefined Charts of Accounts • 2 Level (General & Detail) Chart of Accounts • Calendar Year or Fiscal Year Reporting • Attach Budgets To Detail Accounts • User Definable Default Accounts • Full Screen Memo Editor For Customers, Fixed Assets, Products, Services & Vendors • Recurring Invoices & Journal Entries • On Demand or Forced Printing Before Posting • Advance Payment on Future Sales • Save Bank Reconciliation • Supports Continuous, Laser or Manual Checks • Void Check After Posting • Multiple Accounts for AR and AP • Real Time Bank Balance • Real Time Inventory Balances • Multiple Warehouse Support • Assign Invoice #s Automatically or Manually • Departmentalize By Customer Group or Inventory Type • Change Customer, Product & Vendor Codes • Sales Person Tracking • Aging Reports By Transaction Date or Due Date • Unlimited Lines of Free Form Text on Invoices • E-mail Address & Tax ID Fields • Multiple Ship-To Addresses • Assembly "On-The-Fly" • Classify Products & Services As Commissionable • Track & Fill Backorders • Multi-Column Label Printing • Establish Vendors As Contract Labor • Calendar Year or Fiscal Year 1099s • Serial # Tracking • Normal, Non-Inventory or Negative Inventory Tracking • Versatile Price Break Options • Standard, Average Cost or Last Price Inventory Valuations • Customize & Format Reports • Multiple Charting Options.

DacEasy Job Manager Version

DacEasy has discontinued the Job Manager module.

DacEasy Order Entry Version 13

Enter & Edit Quotes • Convert Quotes To Sales Orders • User Defined or Automatic Order #s & Invoice #s • Single Screen Access To All Order Entry Functions • Real Time Customer Account Balances • Identify & Track Backorders • Fill Multiple Backorders From One Screen • Generate Daily Production Schedules • Ship Orders To Create Invoices • Interface With Accounting or Operate Stand Alone • Matches Receivables & Product Features Of Accounting When Operated Stand Alone • Customer Purchase History Tracking • Customize & Format Printed Quotes, Orders, Invoices, RMA's Packing Lists & Reports • Multiple Charting Options.

DacEasy Payroll Version 13

Hourly, Salary & Contract Labor Payroll Structures • Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly & Monthly Pay Frequencies • Allocate Costs To Departments • Track Tax Deposits for Federal, State & Local Taxes • Handles 3rd Party Sick Pay & Group Term Life • User Defined Codes Assigned To All Employees & Departments Automatically • Enter Next Quarter Transactions Before Closing Current Quarter • Handles State & Local Requirements Such as SDI, Occupational Taxes & Healthcare/Work Force Splitting • Handles Multi-Company & Multi-State Payrolls • Instant Access To Monthly, Quarterly & amp; Year-To-Date Earnings, Deductions & amp; Liabilities By Employee • Federal & State Magnetic Media Reporting • Tracks & Reports Tips • Generate Bonus, Commission, Sick or Vacation Pay Without Generating Regular Pay • Handles All Tax Exempt Pay Plans Such as 401k & Cafeteria Plans • Produces Quarterly 940EZ Worksheets, 941 Reports, State Quarterly Reports, W2s, 1099s & W3s • Editable Tax Tables • Tracks Start Dates, Review Dates, Salary Adjustments, Sick Time and Vacation Time • Allows Reversal of Incorrectly Posted Payrolls • Integrate With Accounting or Use Stand Alone • Customize & Format Reports • Multiple Charting Options.

DacEasy POS Version 13

Supports DOS Cash Drawers, Keyboard Wedges, Serial Bar Code Readers, 40 Column Receipt Printers, Pole Displays & Credit Card Authorization Software • Supports 6 Bar Code Scanning & Printing Conventions • Enter Quotes, Sales, Layaways, Payments & Returns From 1 Screen • Reconcile Cash Registers By Shift & Tender Types • Handles Split Tenders Such As Cash, Credit Card & Gift Certificates • Cash Register Audit Trail • Allows Promotional Pricing • Change Commissionable Status At The Register • Standard or Military Time • Tracks Time of Sale • Accept Payments on Open Accounts • Interface With Accounting or Operate Stand Alone • Matches Receivables & Product Features Of Accounting When Operated Stand Alone • Customer Purchase History Tracking • Customize & Format Reports • Multiple Charting Options.

DacEasy Database Query Programming Services

One of the real advantages to owning DacEasy software is that all fields in the database can be accessed and special reports can be created to meet your specific business needs. These custom queries and reports are self-contained lightning fast executables that can be run with a simple point and click operation. Our two most popular database query projects include special commission calculation reports and multi-jurisdiction quarterly sales tax reports. Basic customization projects can start as low as $300-$500. The resulting reports will be formatted to meet your exact needs, such as having data printed in specific positions on your preprinted forms. If you own DacEasy Accounting Software and would like to have data queries designed to meet a specific need, please contact us for a quotation. We also have access to many previously completed customization projects that may meet your exact needs at an attractive price.
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Windows Products - System Requirements

Pentium® or equivalent microprocessor running at a minimum of 150 MHz, Pentium® II or equivalent microprocessor running at 300 MHz recommended. 32 MB of free RAM minimum, 64 MB of free RAM recommended. Windows® 98 Second Edition, Windows NT® Server/Workstation 4.0 with Service Pack 6a, Windows 2000 Server/Professional, Windows XP Professional or Netware 5.1 Note: Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows Terminal Services are not supported. Windows XP fast user switching is not supported. Windows ME and Windows XP Home are not recommended for businesses, especially in a network environment, and are NOT supported. Mouse or compatible pointing device. Hard disk drive with 55 MB of hard disk space available for a single module, plus 25 MB for each additional module. 4x CD-ROM drive VGA Display (256 or more colors) with at least 800 x 600 resolution, 1024 x 768 recommended (16 bit high color recommended for the Business Center). Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6 (included on CD). Note: Additional disk space is required if Microsoft® Internet Explorer needs to be installed.
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DacEasy Windows Versions 12 and 13

DacEasy Version 12 has added new AutoPay, AutoReorder and AutoReturn features to the Accounting Module. The Payroll Module has a new and nifty AutoReverse Payroll feature and new AutoApply features for sick and vacation time. The POS module sports new Improved Credit Checking and Substitute Product features. Order Entry has added a new Freight Cost Allocation feature. Each module also has new Alerts, AutoComplete, E-mail Correspondence and Crystal Reports Integration features. A Business Center has been added as a single entry point for all DacEasy programs and includes a number of features designed to increase productivity. The Business Center comes free with the purchase of any module.

DacEasy Version 13 includes over 30 new features that make accessing and managing your financial data faster and more convenient than ever. Primary new features include Customizable Toolbars, Scheduled Backups, Scheduled Alerts, Update General Ledger Online, Update Check Register Online, Auto Purchase Order, Generate Minimum Finance Charge and Print Cash Receipt Voucher. New Payroll features include OC Ready Long Stub Checks, Blanket Exceptions Entry, Renew Payroll and Automatic Employee Loan Repayment. Also includes Direct Deposit Enhancements, Direct Deposit Advice and more!

DacEasy offers frequent specials with reduced prices upgrades or add-on modules. AIC always discounts DacEasy's regular and special prices by another 10%! DacEasy Windows Versions 12 and 13 are normally supplied on a CD-ROM. Diskettes may be ordered for an additional $19.95 per module.

DacEasy Pricing Information

10% Savings!

Unconditional Guarantee

10% Savings!

We guarantee that we will beat any current promotional price on software quoted by DacEasy by 10%! Even though your software may be shipped directly to you from DacEasy, you will always save 10% when you order from AIC. All prices are subject to modification without prior notice.

DacEasy Product Descriptions
Our Price
Windows Version 13 - All Modules - Single User Upgrade
$ 299.95
$ 269.96
Windows Version 13 - All Modules - Network User Upgrade
$ 599.95
$ 539.96
Windows Version 13 - Acct or Payroll - Single User To Network Upgrade
$ 299.95
$ 269.96
Windows Version 13 - All Other Modules - Single User To Network Upgrade
$ 399.95
$ 359.96
Windows Version 13 - Acct or Payroll - Single User - Retail
$ 299.95
$ 269.96
Windows Version 13 - Acct & Payroll Bonus Pack - Single User Retail
$ 499.95
$ 449.96
Windows Version 13 - All Other Modules - Single User Retail
$ 399.95
$ 359.96
Windows Version 13 - Acct or Payroll - Network User Retail
$ 599.95
$ 539.96
Windows Version 13 - Acct & Payroll Bonus Pack - Network User - Retail
$ 989.96
Windows Version 13 - Other Modules - Network User - Retail
$ 699.95
$ 629.96
Windows Version 13 - All - Add For Diskette Version
$  19.95
$  17.96

Upgrade Orders

DacEasy requires serial numbers to be submitted on all upgrade orders. Your serial # will normally be located inside the front cover of your manual on all DOS products from Version 7 back and many Windows products. Serial numbers for DOS Versions 8 and 9 and DacEasy AP for Win95 Versions 3 and 4 are located on your first original program diskette.

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Order Confirmations & Shipments

We will e-mail or fax you a confirmation on your order and request that you return e-mail or return fax your acceptance of the order. This is the time to review all of the information entered on the order for accuracy and completeness. Your order will be processed and faxed to DacEasy within 1 working day (Monday through Friday) after receipt of your order acceptance and acceptable form of payment. DacEasy normally ships within 1 working day of receipt of order.

Shipping & Handling

All DacEasy orders are shipped by 2nd Day Air unless you request Next Day shipments. DacEasy's standard freight charge is $15.00 for the 1st item ordered and $5 for each additional item. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are $14 higher. Please ask for a freight quotation for overseas shipment destinations. Payment of customs duties, value added taxes and other fees levied by government agencies on overseas orders are the responsibility of the customer.

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Paying For Your Order

We Accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa...

We accept Company Checks, Personal Checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA as acceptable forms of payment on all orders. Sorry, but we can't accept COD orders. Payment by credit card assures you of the fastest possible delivery time. Check payments on overseas orders must be by certified check or international money order denominated in U.S. funds.

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Join our growing family of happy international customers. Global Priority Mail rates and Air Parcel Post rates are as low as $7.00 for 2 pound shipments to many countries around the world! We can also provide quotes for international air shipments by Airborne, FEDEX and UPS.

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