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Timeslips Software
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Timeslips Products Overview

Timeslips manufactures a wide range of time tracking, time billing and project tracking software products for the Windows operating platform. Timeslips has been a market leader in providing time tracking and billing software for the accounting, architectural, consulting, engineering and legal communities. Timeslips products are generally mid to upper level products that are feature rich, flexible and reasonably easy to learn. Timeslips is the world's most popular time and billing software product.

Timeslips has forged many strategic partnership alliances with other software manufacturers. These alliances have enabled Timeslips to provide links to other software packages such as accounting software, case management software, docket control software, insurance claim submission software, telephone expense control software, etc.

Timeslips also provides it's own add-on products such as customizable dictionaries and remote modules, so that you can customize your time tracking and billing software application to meet your specific needs.

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Timeslips Product Specifications


The following Timeslips product specifications are not intended to be complete feature listings. Instead, the listings are only intended to provide a general overview of the features available in various Timeslips software products. If you need additional information such as field and file capacities, standard report names, report writer capabilities or complete feature listings, please contact us to obtain FREE comprehensive Timeslips product specification brochures.

Timeslips DOS Products Have Been Discontinued

Timeslips MacIntosh Products Have Been Discontinued

Timeslips Windows Products - System Requirements

IBM Compatible Computer, Windows 95 or Later, Pentium 366, 64MB RAM, 30MB Hard Disk Space Free, EGA or VGA Monitor. Mouse Required.

Timeslips Windows Products - Universal Features

Built-in Stopwatch TSTimer Tracks Billable and Non-Billable Activities Automatically • Multiple Billing Rates - Up to 6 Billing Rates per Person, Client or Activity • Multiple User Defined Activities - Up To 250 Time & Expense Activities •Custom Client Databases - Up to 15 User-Definable Text Fields • Large Client Capacity - Up to 30,000 Different Clients (3,400 Clients on Macintosh) • Up to 128 Matters or Projects Per Client • Customizable Billing Formats - Combine Multiple Client Projects Into Single Bills • Flexible Time & Expense Styles - List Time & Expense Charges Separately • Automatic Charges - Add Recurring Charges Automatically • Supports Billings for Contingency Fees, Hourly Rates, Flat Charges, Write-ups, Write-downs, Interest & Taxes •Personal Text Fields - Add Messages on Working Bills That Don't Appear on Final Invoices • Trust/Retainer Accounts For Each Client or Project • Pre-Bill Worksheets • Supports US Sales Tax, Canadian GST & British VAT Tax Systems • Supports International Time, Date & Currency Formats • Built In Backup/Restore & Import/Export Utilities • Completely Customizable Password Security • On-line Pop-up Help Screens • Direct Output to Screen, Printer or File • Transaction Listings With Multiple Sort & Range Options • "On-The-Fly" Access For Adding or Changing Client & Activity Records • 40 Standard Reports Including Aged Receivables, User History, Productivity, User Contribution, Flat Fee By Client & Aged Work-In-Process Reports • Built In User-Definable Reports Capability • Produces Client Address Labels & ROLODEX ® Cards • Customizable Timeslips Navigator Screen - Ingenious Flow Chart Design • Built-in Billing Assistant Makes Bill Processing Simple - Cuts Hours From Review & Correction Process • Cuts Administrative Time to a Minimum • Value Billing - Take Advantage of Productivity Gains • Percentage Completion Billing • Customize Bills With TSLayout - Insert Graphics, Choose Different Fonts, Add Messages & Notes, Structure Each Bill Section as Needed • Budgeting on Clients & Projects May Be Broken Down by User, Activity, Reference or Date Range • Database Conflict Checking & Text Search Feature • Create Scripts To Automate Common & Complex Tasks • 10 Additional Standard Reports.

Timeslips Express

Timeslips has announced that it is discontinuing its introductory time tracking software package called Timeslips Express as of 12/01/01.

Timeslips Add-On Products

Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL) - Links Timeslips With More Than 35 Accounting Software Programs • Payments May Be Applied Specific Open Invoices or Multiple Open Invoices • Additional Reports Including Payment Performance Analysis, Invoice Reports, Write-up/ Write-down Report & Transfer Register to General Ledger Report • Creates Customizable Client Statements.
Timeslips Advantage - A Long Distance Telephone Service That Imports Monthly Call Data Through Timeslips Connection Directly Into the Timeslips Database • Save Up To 25% On Long Distance Calls Compared to AT&T, MCI & Sprint • Tracks, Reports & Creates Timeslips For Billable Telephone Calls • Uses 2-5 Digit Account Codes Specific to Users & Clients in the Timeslips Database • Coded Monthly Long Distance Bills Supplied on Diskette and Hard Copy Bill • 6 Second Call Rounding • No Installation Charges • Switch Over Fee Reimbursement • Retroactive Volume Discounts • Free Calling Cards • A $9.95 Monthly Data Diskette Fee Is Applied.
Timeslips Connection - Works In Conjunction With Timeslips Advantage to Create Expense Slips or Timeslips to Recover Costs for Long Distance Calls • Assigns Calls With Unknown Account Codes to a Hold File For Verification • Generates Cross Reference Report, Audit Report & Unresolved Call Report.
Timeslips Deluxe Speller - TSSpeller Operates In An interactive Mode or a Batch Mode to Monitor & Correct Spelling Errors Within Timeslips • Main Dictionary Contains 110,000 Words • Includes Thousands of Business Terms, Proper Names, Places & Company Names • Personal Dictionary Allows Addition of Unique Terminology, Abbreviations, Special Terms & Proper or Geographic Names • Optional Legal Dictionary Available.
Timeslips Remote - TSRemote Is a Stand Alone Version of TSTimer, the Portion of Timeslips Deluxe Which Collects and Edits Time and Expense Information • Designed For Use on Notebooks, Laptop Computers and in Non-Networked Offices • Data Entered Into TSRemote May Be Transferred To Timeslips Deluxe by Floppy, Modem, Serial or Network Connection • Requires 2MB(DOS)-4MB(Windows) Free Hard Disk Space on the Remote Computer • Optional TSRemote Plus (Windows Only) Adds Reporting Functions To Basic TSRemote Package.
Timesheet Professional and Carpe Diem - The World Leaders in Time Tracking
Timesheet Professional and Carpe Diem Banner
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TimeSheet Professional For Windows

TimeSheet Professional is an excellent project oriented product for tracking time and expenses for employees, project phases and clients. Three data entry formats allow employees to enter time and expenses in a Day-At-A-Glance view, on a spreadsheet form or on a traditional timecard. Totals may be viewed by the day and by the week. TimeSheet Professional's strength lies in its ability to function as a front end time collection program for almost any application including Excel, Word, HTML, WordPerfect, dBase, etc. Any ODBC compliant application may be used to access TimeSheet Professional's database.

TimeSheet Professional For Windows - System Requirements

IBM Compatible Computer, Windows 95 or Later, Pentium 366 or Higher, 32MB RAM, 40MB Hard Disk Space Free, EGA or VGA Monitor. Mouse Required.

TimeSheet Professional For Windows - Features

Enter Time & Expenses in Spreadsheet, Day-at-A-Time or Timecard Formats • Roll Up Time Sheets To View Employee or Task Summaries • Sign Off on Time Sheets Individually or on Rolled Up Timesheets • Unlimited Number of User-Definable Pay Rules • Allocate Costs To Departments or Cost Centers • Easily Spot Exceptions In Color • Stopwatch Timer To Precisely Track Time As You Work • Lock Employees or Tasks Against Entries Before Specified Dates • Customizable Terminology to Suit Your Organization • User-Definable Employee Data Fields to Track Personnel Information • Track Project Details With Pop-up Note Editor • Group Employees & Tasks for Data Organization & Security • Modify Screen Colors, Fonts, Size & Placement • Mini View Time Sheet Option Floats on Top of All Other Applications • Perform Mass Updates of Rates & Status of Tasks, Time Entries & Expenses • Define Rules For Creating Tasks & Time Entries • Virtually Unlimited Capacity for Employees, Clients, Projects, Activities, Tasks, Notes, Etc. • Create Summary Reports Using Relational Operators & Mathematical Formulas • Consolidate Activities From Multiple Employees or Projects • Report Budget vs. Actual & Percentage of Completion • Compare Month-to-Month & Year-to-Year Budgets & Actuals • View Estimate to Complete Costs for Project Tracking • Customize Listings & Detail Reports • Include Any Field on Time Entries or Expense Listings • Design Own Reports With Optional Crystal Reports Designer • Numerous Pre-Defined Report Formats • Exchange Data With Popular Payroll, Project Management & Time Billing Packages • Create Custom Applications Using TimeSheet Professional as the Front End • 32-Bit & 16-Bit Versions May Co-exist on Network & Share Data Files • Comprehensive Employee Specific Security System.

Crystal Reports for Timeslips & TimeSheet Professional

With Crystal Reports you can create your own custom reports using any of the data fields available in Timeslips or TimeSheet Professional. This ability to create just the report you need has never before been available in either product. Included with Crystal Reports is a separate diskette containing numerous report templates created by the Timeslips technical team. These reports may be used right out of the box or as templates for creating your own customized reports.

Crystal Reports - System Requirements

IBM Compatible Computer, Windows 95 or Windows NT. Pentium 366 or Higher, 32MB RAM, 25MB Hard Disk Space Free. Mouse Required.

Crystal Reports - Features

Private Tutor For On-Screen Step-By-Step Assistance • Easy to Understand Database Interface • Flexible Preview Window & Design Window • Grid Control Options • Line Drawing, Box Drawing & Graphic Image Support (BMP, GIF, TIF, PCX, TGA) • Integrated Graphing in 12 Styles & 80 Editing Options • OLE 2.0 Support • Powerful Formula Editor • Many Export Formats Supported • E-Mail Enabled (VIM & MAPI) • Security Pass-Through • Report Options Saved With Report.

Timeslips Strategic Partner Programs

Timeslips has entered into strategic partnerships with many manufacturers of specialized legal case management software and insurance claim submission software. If you are looking for case management software, docket control software or insurance claim submission software that will interface with Timeslips, please give us a call. We can provide you with literature, technical specifications and pricing on all Timeslips Strategic Partner software applications.

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Order Confirmations & Shipments

We will e-mail or fax you a confirmation on your order and request that you return e-mail or return fax your acceptance of the order. This is the time to review all of the information entered on the order for accuracy and completeness. Your order will be processed and faxed to Timeslips within 1 working day (Monday through Friday) after receipt of your order acceptance and acceptable form of payment. Timeslips normally ships within 1 working day of receipt of order.

Shipping & Handling

All Timeslips orders are shipped by 2nd Day Air unless you request Next Day shipments. Timeslips' standard freight charge in the USA is $15 for the 1st item ordered and $5 for each additional item. Please ask for a freight quotation for overseas shipment destinations. Payment of customs duties, value added taxes and other fees levied by government agencies on overseas orders are the responsibility of the customer.

Paying For Your Order

We Accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard & Visa...

We accept Company Checks, Personal Checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA as acceptable forms of payment on all orders. Sorry, but we can't accept COD orders. Payment by credit card assures you of the fastest possible delivery time. Check payments on overseas orders must be by certified check or international money order denominated in U.S. funds.

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